Account Insights

An account reporting app at CareFirst that helps create meaningful insights for accounts to make a better decision on health outcomes and plan design.

As a health insurance company focused on bettering health outcomes for members and lowering premium cost for employers, the Account Insights Tool has some of the most important and complex reports at the company. Not only is this tool extremely valuable for employers, but also shaped a benchmark of how other digital products at CareFirst were funded.  

This project was a multi year initiative over the course of three years, but was not work on continuously. I split the case study into two sections, Ideation and Implementation. The pervious tool called Searchlight was a reporting suite that had over xx reports and was developed over the years by the former CEO. Feedback from customers about the Searchlight reports was that the tool was difficult to understand the data overall, what is driving costs, and what could be done proactively to reduce future healthcare costs. Also, a lot of additional manual ad-hoc reports were created by CareFirst associates in order to support accounts and sale mangers.  Account Insights took a user centered approach to Re-architecting the entire suite of searchlight reports from the ground up.

Role: UX Design Lead

Phase One Ideation Team: CX Strategist, 10 cross functional team members that included sales and care management, 1 UX Design Lead.  

Phase Two Implementation Team: Product Owner, Project Manager / Scrum Master, 3-15 Health Informatics Data analysts, 2 web developers, 1 UX Design Lead.

Pain Points

Phase One Discovery

Empathy Map Workshop: I led an empathy mapping workshop with stakeholders to understand what are the types of users and their goals and tasks they need to complete. The employer reporting project came up with three main personas to align internal stakeholders to keep the customer at the center of what and why we were designing this tool.

Personas: HR Benefit Manger - Nancy, CFO - Steve, Broker - Mark

The personas created a common understanding of who the "user" was and detailed jobs to be completed in the tool. Some of the key insights from the personas was a need to have an executive overview of all the data at a glance, account insights on cost, the ability to export data, and intuitive navigation through reports that did not require a meeting with a CareFirst Sales associate.  

Journey Maps: I also created Journey Maps based on stakeholder feedback to better understand the customer relationship to CareFirst and the Account Insights product The various stages included picking a plan and being on-boarded, day-to-day reporting needs and requests, and the process of renewing a contract. I mapped out the current state experience for the three audience types that were identified in the personas.  


Wireframes: Before the project could officially start the Ideation team I was working with had to create a functional prototype to present to executive leadership to build a proof of concept. The wireframe also marked the end of phase one of this project.

Phase Two Discovery

DoGo Mapping: Once the project became funded by leadership, I was able to use the project personas that were developed to come up with as many user stories as possible to be used in the DoGo mapping exercise seen above. This was a collaborative process with data analysts familiar with report content and Microsoft Power BI.

Wireframes using Miro: This was the first iteration of wireframes that were produced. CareFirst chose to partner with Microsoft Power BI team to build out a proof of concept using PowerBI workbooks. These wireframes were created to direct the team of 3 analysts to which charts should be in place and how they would be interconnected to tell a story to accounts through the data.

Sample Pages from PowerBI workbook: Some examples of what first iteration PowerBI workbooks looked like

Architecture: After the team built most of the reports, we transitioned the project to Power BI Embedded which embeds reports on web pages. We used the DoGo mapping to put reports into various nodes and build the site architecture.

Mobile View for Mega Menus: Mobile first navigation that would allow users to see all of the high level groups that have icons, but also expand the to see what charts in those groups without having to click into sections.

UI and Template Development

Dark Mode and Light mode templates

Dark and light mode style guide development: I created a product style guide during this project. Initially I used the larger CareFirst style guide as a starting point, but direction from the VP was to make this feel like an extended product of CareFirst. Accessibility drove a lot of the color choices for charts and the primary blues. I worked to expand the existing style guide at CareFirst by building a dark mode counterpart. This image above displays mosts of the components created in the Account Insights tool.

Examples of final Website Designs

Caption Here

Example of Executive Overview Insight: For all users (HR Manager or CFO) cost drivers are extremely important. The Executive Overview page contains all topics. The goal of this page is to give a snapshot of how their member population is doing as a whole. Account Insights highlights areas of concern in data for accounts. This example is showing PEPM (Per Employee Per Month) increasing. The insight is meant to tell the user how much PEPM increased and why.

Example of Clinical Overview Insight: Member populations that are not managing their health conditions are more likely to cost employers more money. Diabetes typically is one of the most common conditions that drive cost for employers.ER admissions are one of the highest cost drivers for employers. HEDIS is standardized performance measure to indicate if a person is managing their condition. We want to allow users quick access to related content for next steps or to drive employers to reach out to CareFirst instead on brokers.

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