Provider Search

An app that delivers multiple ways to search for care, allows members to submit ratings and reviews, and correct data inaccuracies in search results.

Find a Doctor is one of the most used features on the CareFirst member and per-login web pages. CareFirst decided to buy an existing provider search tool from sapphire digital, but when the tool was turned on for members complains about pages were reported. Some of the most frequent complaints are pages not fully loading, no ability to see a map, difficulties understand which providers are in-network, data inaccuracies, and very limited keyword search.  

This was a blue sky exercise where we worked with a cross functional team to brainstorm how might we deliver multiple ways to search for care, correct data inaccuracies in search results, allow members to submit ratings and reviews. This project was also conducted completely remotely during 2020.

Role: Product Designer  

Ideation Team: CX Strategist, 10 cross functional team members that included sales and care management, 1 Product Designer  


The process

Prioritization Matrix: Pulling out some of the themes and ideas from stakeholder workgroup we plotted the ideas on a Matrix to decide which would be the most likely to be able to accomplish and still deliver the most impact for users.

Key Screens for members

Key Screens for Providers

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