Retirement Income 2020 Fund

Product development and placement for T. Rowe Price's Retirement Income 2020 Fund for investors who have accumulated sizable investments with lifetime income in retirement without depleting retirement assets.

The objective of the Retirement Income 2020 Fund is to provide investors who have accumulated sizable investments with lifetime income in retirement without depleting retirement assets. The Retirement Fund has a managed payout structure to target a 5% annual distribution rate delivered in the form of monthly dividend payments.

In this initial phase of the product the Retirement Income 2020 Fund will be marketed to individual investors already in the Retirement 2015 and 2020 Funds, at or nearing retirement age, who may be seeking retirement income. The page design needed fit with in the personal investor site and provide clarity to potential investors of how the retirement income fund works, and the added valuable to investors if they choose this income fund.

Role: UX Designer

Team: Product Owner, 1 Graphic Designer, 1 UX Designer, 1 Content Strategist, Business Analyst, Development Scrum Master, 1 AEM Developers


Exploratory User Testing: It was important to understand the points of entry for this project which included; retail marquee’s, promo boxes, email campaigns, direct mail and we had to understand where this page would make the most sense on the personal investor website. The fist user test we performed was having user look at the vanguard and T. Rowe Price site to see where they might find a Retirement Income Fund for 2020. Even though the page did not exist yet we gained viable insight to better understand how users were would approach finding the page and explaining where they thought it made the most sense.

Site Map: Recommend placement of the new page biased on user feedback.


Wireframe: Using insights from other page designs I created an initial page layout to help inform what content should be on the webpage.

Visual Design and Data Visualization

Data Visualization: One of the most complex explorations oof the project was trying to find a way to visually explain how the payout fund works. The copywriter provided an example of how the monthly payments were calculated, and above are some of the sketches for trying to find the best visual solution for the example.

Samples of graphic explorations: We used a sample calculation to try to demonstrate how payouts are created.
Example: If and account’s total net asset value (NAV) used to calculate the calendar-year distribution is $100,000, the fund would make 12 monthly payments of $416 for a total of $5,000 in the year.

Final Page Design

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